Feeling overwhelmed and living beneath your God given potential?

Are you looking for clarity about who you are and what you are called to?

Do you know your life purpose?

Coaching Packages
  • In three to six months you can uncover and discover your true self and begin to see your value and increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Find clarity of purpose and vision.
  • Receive directions to reprogram your thinking about yourself.
  • Be repositioned for new opportunities.
  • In three to six months you will have made a substantial investment of your time and money that will bring you the desires of your heart.
  • If you are ready to begin your discovery of who you really are and what you are called to do, let’s get started!


Developing Your Image Profile

Group Coaching

Women In Ministry & Marketplace

One-On-One Coaching

Developing Your Personal Growth Plan Part I & Part II

What are Clients Saying?

"When I started my coaching, the very first session we did I literally felt in my spirit like someone had opened the treasure door inside of me. Her coaching has given me the keys to unlock the treasure that was already inside of me, but were lying dormant all these years. Coaching has taught me self-worth, self-value and confidence in myself. Every session was like peeling off the layers one by one to help me see my true authentic self. She would say things during coaching that I knew that God had truly shown her in order to help me.

I almost don’t recognize myself because I have changed so much in my way of thinking, living and doing things. I am so glad that God spoke to my heart to do this coaching with Coach Dorrine and make an investment in myself because I finally feel free to be me!"

M. Wilson, Wellness Coach, Smyrna, DE

"Saturday, I had my first PAID speaking engagement! I was so excited! In my point of view, I'm more unapologetic about what my life will look like; I'm more sure of myself; I have a higher self esteem and I'm more confident in the abilities God gave me. After two months, I received a promotion on my job and purchased a new home! "

A. Whitley, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Upper Marlboro, MD

"As I looked back over my life I realized that more often than not, I was always doing something to please someone else. When I wanted to do something for myself I would put it off. I silenced my voice because of what others said or thought about me. Coach ‘D’ helped me realize that I did not recognize the value in me. With each session we did through the questions she asked, I dug deeper within and answering honestly, the onion was beginning to peel and is still being peeled. I’m learning to value myself more and also have taken my eyes off of man and placed them back on GOD, allowing my decisions to be in accordance to what HE says."

G. Tolliver, Biochemists, Newark, DE

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