I remember when I first heard about Coach Dorrine Jones coaching sessions, I was already a member of their church where she was also the Pastor. My first thought was that she is my Pastor and I’ve known her for a few years and I didn’t think I really needed the coaching session in my mind; but I felt in my heart the conviction to do a session with her by the spirit of God. I chose to obey the voice of God. I remember for almost 9 years being a Christian I always felt like there was so much more inside of me but I felt stuck. I wanted to be free but didn’t know exactly how. I will say in my heart that I wanted someone to help me to get unstuck or help me to be my authentic self. I had a low self-esteem as a woman and I had lost my self-confidence as a person. I didn’t know my self-worth and my true identity in Christ. I had so many insecurities as a woman. I believed I love God all of those years but I felt so many constraints and old patterns in my mind that were holding me back from being my true authentic self. I didn’t know how to be free from all those constraints in my mind. More than anything in my life I wanted to be free to be me and walk in my authenticity. I wanted to know who the real me was and how do I get to meet her. I didn’t have clarity of my purpose and mission in life.
When I started my coaching, the very first session we did I literally felt  in my spirit like someone had opened the treasure door inside of me. Her coaching has given me the keys to unlock the treasure that was already inside of me, but it was lying dormant all these years. Coaching has taught me self-worth, self-value and confidence in myself. Every session was like peeling off the layers one by one to help me see my true authentic self. She would say things to me in her coaching that I knew that God had truly shown her those things to help me.  She always made herself available if I had any questions regarding my session.
Coaching has helped me to identify the exact constraints that were holding me back from being my authentic self. Her transparency gave me hope for my future. She made me feel very safe, comfortable to open up my past wounds and hurts. The coaching sessions have helped me to be strong emotionally, spiritually and physically. It helped me improve my relationship with God, my husband, family and coworkers. Coaching taught me how be self-aware and to self-manage myself no matter what the outer circumstances in life were. It helped me to discover the power within me that I never knew before that I possessed. I feel like the coaching has helped me lay the foundation for my life from where I can continue to build for the rest of my life. Coaching has helped me to see me the way God sees me. Coaching has helped me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. It also helped me identify and bring clarity to my gifts, talents, abilities and calling. It taught me how to leverage all the past pain, failures, experiences and make it work for my good in the future. It helped me to introduce me to my real self. It taught me how to love, accept and forgive myself which was one of my weaknesses. It taught me how to be free from seeking approval, acceptance from other people and to know that I am PREAPPROVED by God. It helped me to believe in myself that yes, I can truly achieve my dreams and goals in life. Coaching has given me the keys that will continue to help me for the rest of my life to unlock the treasure inside of me and walk in my destiny. It’s so hard to put in words because some things I have experienced during our sessions like healing, deliverance, breakthrough, and freedom were truly divine and life changing!
I almost don’t recognize myself because I have changed so much in my way of thinking, living and doing things. I am so glad that God spoke to my heart to do this coaching with Coach Dorrine and make an investment in myself because I finally feel free to be me!
~ M. Wilson, Smyrna, DE

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